The Archive of Public Protests

The Archive of Public Protests

The Archive of Public Protests has been initiated and cofounded by Rafał Milach together with the team of photographers, researchers, activists and visual artists in 2019 in Warsaw Poland.

The archive brings together visual traces of social activism, grassroots initiatives opposing not just political decisions but also breaches of democratic norms and human rights. In 2020 A-P-P has launched an intervention publication called The Strike Newspaper collecting slogans, testimonies, and images of protests. Twenty-three thousand copies of five thematic issues dedicated to various problems from pro-choice, climate change, LGBTQ+ to refugee crisis have been distributed and used by the protesters all over Poland and abroad. Aside of the street activity the work of the A-P-P has been shown in the galleries and museums.



Authors: Michał Adamski, Marta Bogdańska, Karolina Gembara, Łukasz Głowala, Marcin Kruk, Agata Kubis, Michalina Kuczyńska, Adam Lach, Alicja Lesiak, Rafał Milach, Joanna Musiał, Chris Niedenthal, Wojtek Radwański, Bartek Sadowski, Karolina Sobel, Paweł Starzec, Grzegorz Wełnicki, Dawid Zieliński.


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